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Atlas® Marker Tray Kit

Brand: Atlas
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  • The Atlas® marker tray kit, available in two lengths of 18" and 36" long is made of heavy gauge satin anodized aluminum. This sleek, but heavy duty aluminum marker tray has smooth angled corners, two pre-drilled screw holes and comes with a full installation kit that does not require power tools.
  • The kit includes all necessary hardware to mount the tray securely such as stainless steel mounting screws and plastic mounting washers. It also includes gray screw caps that give the tray a polished look. An additional set of mounting hardware is included with your order of a 36" long tray in case a third mount is required.
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Atlas® marker tray kit is our finest heavy duty aluminum marker tray with smooth angled corners that comes with a complete contemporary looking installation kit. Available in two lengths of 18" and 36" long. The marker tray is a heavy gauge satin anodized aluminum marker shelf that mounts securely with the mounting hardware included with each marker tray. The clever mounting hardware includes a matching gray cap that neatly conceals the mounting screw to add a really nice contemporary look and feel. 18" and 36" Atlast® trays come with two pre-drilled installation holes and comes with stainless steel mounting screws, plastic mounting washers and plastic screw caps. We have included an extra set of mounting hardware to the 36" units if you decide that a third mount is required. One installation note: These Atlas marker trays come with pre-drills holes that are slightly smaller than the screws provided. This is intentional. The steel screws will self-thread through the softer aluminum which results in a sturdier installation. This should be easy to do even with hand-tools.

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