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Atlas® 18"- 16' Aluminum Marker Tray with Angled Corners

Brand: Atlas
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  • The Atlas® aluminum marker tray, available is lengths from 18" to 16', is made with a heavy gauge satin anodized aluminum and features smoothed angled corners that maintain a contemporary design while adding a measure of safety by minimizing sharp edges.
  • Atlas® aluminum marker trays are available in 10' -16' two-piece units. The two tray halves are easily connected to assemble a single continuous length of marker tray. The assembling instructions are included.
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Atlas® aluminum marker ledges with a contemporary angle cut ends or corners. The smooth angle cut corner removes any sharp corners from the tray and makes it look awesome. Atlas® aluminum marker trays are made in the U.S.A. to order but still typically ship in as little as 2-5 working days. Available as small as 18" long up to 12' as a single unit. You can order up to 16' in a two-piece unit. One end will be square and the other end of the two pieces has the angle cut. Match up the two square corners and it gives the impression of a single continuous length of marker tray. Atlas® aluminum marker trays are all made in the U.S.A. Note: Cut tolerances on all marker trays is +/- ¼" This item ships from Shrewsbury, MA and is ineligible for our Free Freight Program.
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