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Opti-Rite® Semi-Permanent Adhesive 1 Gallon

Brand: Gardner-Gibson Inc.
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  • This 1 Gallon Opti-Rite® clay-based adhesive is non-strippable, semi-permanent and covers approximately 250 square feet. This product is needed for any of our adhesive-required wall coverings such as the Opti-Rite® Basic, Opti-Rite®2, Opti-Rite® Mag Low Gloss, and Opti-Rite® Mag with Ghost Grid.
  • The chemicals in our adhesive are non-flammable but should not be stored in high temperature conditions. Adequate ventilation along with gloves and goggles are highly recommended during the installation process. More safety details are outlined in the Material Safety and Data Sheet.
  • Preparing your installation surface with the white acrylic Opti-Rite® Primer is recommended to create a strong and reliable bond and allow an easier dry erase wall covering removal with less damage to the drywall, etc.
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This is a non-strippable, semi-permanent, clay-based adhesive. One gallon should be enough adhesive to cover approximately 250 square feet. Note: We recommend preparing installation surface with Opti-Rite® Primer, a white acrylic primer especially if you are concerned about being able to remove the wall covering at a later date. This will allow you to remove the dry erase wall covering more easily with less damage to the drywall, etc. while also creating a proper and smoother bond. Opti-Rite Primer is sold separately.

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