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Opti-Rite® Full Wall Installation Instructions

Opti-Rite® Full Wall Installation

Tools Required:

  • Acrylic Primer
  • Paint roller and tray
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Ladder
  • Scissors
  • Heavy Duty Clay-based Strippable Adhesive
  • Sand paper
  • X-Acto knife & blade replacements
  • Soft cloth

Included Parts:

Opti-Rite® Fabric or Scrim Backed Material

Important Tips:

  • For best results, White Acrylic Primer is recommended on clean, smooth, dry, structurally sound surfaces to prep the wall for a proper bond and to help cover up extreme light and dark areas of drywall.
  • If future stripability is desired, apply a high quality acrylic wall covering primer and a heavy duty clay based strippable adhesive.
  • Glossy surfaces should either be sanded or coated with professional vinyl prep.
  • Do not install wall covering unless the temperature in the working and storage areas are at least 55°F.
  • Be careful not to crease or bend material when handling.
  • It is suggested that a pencil be used to mark vinyl or wall. Anything else might bleed through the primer.
  • Walls should be checked with a suitable “moisture meter.” Moisture content should not exceed 4%.
  • Remove any substrate mildew with a chlorine bleach solution, rinse, and allow to dry before installing. Wash greasy walls with an ammonia solution, rinse, and allow to dry before installing.
  • Drywall should be cured for at least 30 days before applying the primer, adhesive and wallcovering.

Primer Instructions:

Step 1: A high quality acrylic primer and/or “size” must be used to achieve the best product performance. On new walls, drywall joints should be taped, bedded, and sanded smooth. Our Acrylic Primer can be tinted up to 2 match the wall. For all applications, prepare the surface for priming by pulling out nails or screws and spackling any holes or nicks.

Step 2: After the spackling has cured, sand the surface by hand with a medium to fine grit sandpaper to make sure it is as smooth and level as possible.

Step 3: Ensure that the Acrylic Primer is well-shaken before painting onto the substrate with a clean paint roller in an even and generous coat. You must wait until the primer is fully cured before moving on to the Adhesive Process. Refer to your Primer’s Manufacturer from curing times. Our white Acrylic Primer takes 2 hours to dry.

Installation and Adhesive Instructions:

Step 1: Unroll your Opti-Rite® Material and fit it to the wall in 3 horizontal strips so that the seams are out of primary writing and viewing areas.

  1. Floor strip: With a partner, use a measuring tape, a level and scissors to fit the bottom strip of Opti-Rite® material to the floor. For the 60” cut of Opti-Rite® , fit the material 30 - 85” from the floor. For a 48” cut of Opti-Rite®, fit the material 30 - 80” from the floor. Leave an extra 2” on all sides for easy trimming with an X-acto knife, around seams, sidewalls, ceilings and baseboards.
  2. Middle Strip: With a partner, use a measuring tape, a level, and scissors to fit the middle strip of Opti-Rite® material above the floor strip, making sure to leave 2” of extra material on all sides which ensures an almost invisible seam if done carefully.
  3. Ceiling Strip: With a partner, use a measuring tape, a level and scissors to fit the top strip of Opti-Rite® material above the middle strip, making sure to leave 2” of extra material on all sides.
  4. Important Tips:
    1. Do not attempt to match a pasted strip of wall covering to one that is not pasted.
    2. Vertical joints should not occur less than 6” from the outside and inside corners.

Step 2: Starting from either the ceiling or the floor strip, apply a uniform coat of heavy duty clay based adhesive to the primed and cured wall where each strip will be installed, overlapping the edges at least 2”. Press the material to the coated substrate making sure it is perfectly level and plumb.

Step 3: Use a flexible wallpaper smoothing tool, or squeegee wrapped in a fiber cloth to squeeze out air bubbles or extra adhesive from the center to edges of the strip. Repeat this step for the middle strip and the last strip. Clean the overlapping edges to prepare for trimming. If a strip is applied unevenly, pull it off and reapply before the adhesive dries.

Step 4: Immediately after applying, trim the Opti-Rite® material at the seams with a single edged razor, such as an X-acto knife and change the razor blade often. When performing this step, trim small bits at a time and leave some overlapping until you can ensure neat and tight seams. Ensure there is enough adhesive to properly bond the edges to the wall.

Step 5: Be sure to remove all excess adhesive immediately using a sponge and a warm mild soap solution. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry with a clean towel. If the adhesive dries on the Opti-Rite® material writing surface, use a professional vinyl cleaner or wallpaper remover.

Step 6: To prepare the Opti-Rite® material surface for use, gently wash it with a solution of 50/50% water/alcohol. Erasability will be affected if this step is not followed.